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Juul Soon to Be Ordered Off the Market by FDA

Bye Bye Juul


The US Food and Drug Administration is getting ready to order Juul Labs Inc.’s e-cigarettes off the market, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.


Regulators have hoped that e-cigarettes could present an alternative for smokers who are trying to quit using traditional tobacco products, and Juul’s device has remained popular with some adults who say it helped them kick a cigarette habit. Yet public-health officials have also documented an epidemic of underage vaping they fear has hooked a new generation of users on nicotine. Other health issues, including a scare over an acute lung-damaging illness, have also been linked to e-cigarettes.


Being rebuffed by US regulators is likely to severely curtail Juul’s ambitions, at least in the near term. The company could appeal the FDA decision through the agency or challenge it in court, or file a revised approval application, according to the Journal report. Juul still sells e-cigarettes in some markets overseas.

Juul’s failure to win clearance would mark a second significant blow to the tobacco industry in as many days, after the Biden administration said it will order companies to cut nicotine levels in cigarettes in an effort to reduce smoking-related deaths. The FDA is expected to draft rules on the shift -- a lengthy process that the industry is likely to fight.

I know so many youngins who are not gonna be happy about this

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Thank you daddy government for making my decisions for me.

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Govern me harder daddy

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Guess kids will have to use Vuse instead.

Or regular vape pens

Or cigarettes

Or weed

Or… well you get it.

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So the government isn’t cool with nicotine but they are cool with allowing fentanyl coming from China and entering the country via the border?

Eta - the same government that spends tax payer dollars on crack pipes and needles to give out to addicts.
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he US Food and Drug Administration is getting ready to order Juul Labs Inc.’s e-cigarettes off the market

So just Juul and not any other e-cigarettes?

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doesn't really make sense to me. 2 or 3 years ago, I knew tons of people who used Juul. Now I don't think I know anyone who uses that brand. They all use different brands, usually one-time use.

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Kids and poors are stupid but the government should not be banning E cigs if they aren’t going to also ban cigarettes.

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I'm assuming Warren G was not involved in this decision.

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Juuls take your whiskey buzz to another level

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So just Juul and not any other e-cigarettes?

Yeah, I don't get it. It would be like the FDA saying Skoal can't sell dip, but Copenhagen, Grizzly, etc all can.

What's the point? Some vendetta against the company?

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I don't even know anyone that vape Juuls anymore.

Everybody buys the disposable vape bars that are stacked around the front counter in glass cases of every Middle Eastern owned convenient store.

You know they got the vapes when you see the LED light strips around the edge of all of the front windows of the store.

Yall know exactly what I'm talking about. Theres usually a Middle Eastern man with every flavor of vape, Krispy Krunchy Chicken, and Hunt Brothers Pizza.
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Kids and poors are stupid but the government should not be banning E cigs if they aren’t going to also ban cigarettes.

This is liking banning hard cider, but leaving beer available.

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What's the point? Some vendetta against the company?

frat stars love it

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All of the vape related lung injuries we have seen are from illegal pods bought on streets

Vaping is far safer than cigarettes

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So just Juul and not any other e-cigarettes?

Makes no sense whatsoever, but hey, it’s the government.

What happened to getting rid of menthol cigarettes?

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Wonder what percentage of people who still smoke/dip are on government assistance?

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I wonder why Juul was targeted so heavily. There are plenty of other vapes and disposable e-cigs that aren't being touched. If it's because "marketed for kids" all those other vapes have flavors too, and Juul has already had to remove all their other flavors. And besides, alcohol has so many fruit and candy flavor variations too but no one bats an eye saying they're marketed towards kids.

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Isn’t it great how unelected individuals can just unilaterally decide these things?

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