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How close have you come to winning a Darwin Award

We all have a laugh, say they deserve it at the Darwin award winners,
but if we're honest we all probably came near winning one ourselves in our youth

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many many times

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New Lodge, Belfast
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I lived on W. Roosevelt street when I was 19 so I probably deserved on.

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Navy Fan
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I once hit myself in the face with a frying pan so hard that I became cross eyed.

Just kidding. That was governor Edwards.

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but if we're honest we all probably came near winning one ourselves in our youth

LOL, I run that gauntlet on a regular basis, and probably will until I die.

terd ferguson
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I've come close on numerous occasions... but I'm no longer in the running for any Darwin Awards bc I have offspring (subtle I had sex brag)

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LSU Neil
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Too many times to count. Got super drunk at Georgia one year during The dinardo years, fell off a 3 story parking garage. Hit cooling tower on way down, then hit big ac unit and finally the ground. It was straight Whisky after that. Whole body was black and purple for weeks.
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Houma, la
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My drive to high school was about 25 min through winding swamp and cane field roads. Several of us baws drove to this school the next town over daily. All in big ole baw pickups driving pedal to the metal passing like it was taladega, I’m talking going 4 wide when the road had shoulders.

It’s amazing none of us or the general public got killed this years.

Tyga Woods
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I flipped off a guy that was pointing a gun at my windshield and he shot me. Does that count?

ETA he was probably gonna shoot me anyway
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MS Gulf Coast
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When I was a kid, I dove through the middle of an innertube at a waterpark, got my legs caught on the top of the tube with my head and body underwater, and couldn't figure out how to get unstuck.

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Of course it had to do with gasoline... Pouring gas on an ant hill and lit it.. Poured more gas on the fire and there was just enough gas in the can for it take off out of my hands and land about 100+ feet away.. The can was at it's bursting point when I found it.. I was about 14 at the time..

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Abstract Queso Dip
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Had seizure doing 80 on an interstate. Swerved into the other lane into oncoming traffic flipped a few times and was down in a ravine. Only a little burn from the airbags and some whiplash. Thank God for Volvos and finding a doctor that got that shite under control. Without modern medicine I would have been considered a demon witch as a child. Exercisms would have been performed and I probably would have died of status epilepticus before adulthood.

I guess some folks helped me kick the Darwin award's arse.
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Cut into a 240V three phase power emergency disconnect box while standing in water. Was told the power had been disconnected. It had not. Luckily all that happened was a bright flash, loud pop and my arm went numb for an hour.

Cajun Tifoso
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Riding shotgun in a friend's RX-7 on a Saturday night on I-5 in LA and having a blowing after he called out "120." We went down an embankment and into a tree. The tree's arm pinned my head into the seat with the roof arm. I had to squeeze my head out, and it was so tight my LSU cap came off. EMT and CHiPs said there was not way we should have survived.

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Alabama Fan
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Killed a 6’ rattlesnake with a stick. Not a particularly long stick either. That could have gone very badly.

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Feel asleep behind the wheel on the Katy Freeway during broad daylight. Hangovers and a 5-hour drive from Lake Charles to San Antonio don’t mix.

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Jim Rockford
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In 9th grade some of us were messing around in the bottom of a rock quarry and the cops showed up. I escaped by climbing up the side.

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Caraway Rye
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I walked next to the place they were giving jabs at CVS

Feet away from Darwin Award

Walked away

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Clown World
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Had this for a few years so many times lol

Neither here nor there
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Teenage me drove my old beater car up to 105 on a wide open stretch of road one night.

Brakes went to the floor at a stoplight the next day.

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