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re: Do you think many Americans understand how bad the rest of the world actually is
People here have no idea. Absolutely no idea. They think gay civil rights, womens equality and racism are three of the most pressing matters in our society today. People bitch and they moan and think they have it SO terrible. People bitch about racism here... A word here or there, or someone dressing up in black face. Motherfrickers never experienced genocide in Rwanda... And the rest of the world didn't fricking care.

Gay people are executed in middle eastern society. Women are property and are beaten... But they all have it so bad here because women think they make a dollar less or someone called someone a fig and hurt someones feelings. But political correctness is the most important thing in our culture. Don't say anyone that someone could possibly take the wrong way and most importantly, don't hurt anyones feelings.

We have it so good here...And people make huge deals out of things that wouldn't even register with someone who doesn't know where their next meal is coming from... Or if it's coming at all.
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re: Do you think many Americans understand how bad the rest of the world actually is
But most of the world is getting better. Communications technology has made it so much easier to be in touch and know what's going on. GDP per capita is rising rapidly in Africa & SE Asia. Sure there's issues and conflicts, there always has been and always will be, but the hard evidence shows all in all this is a wonderful time to be alive. Of course the people afraid of the evolution of the world and change are sure that we're on the brink of the end of civilization.

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