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re: Cheapest Bar in the Country?

What kind of beer are you buying that costs $7.50 per glass at a regular bar?

Shitty Burger(served with only mustard,Onion,Lettuce, tomato) $10, 22 oz bud light $7.50

got off work and just wanted to grab dinner and catch the last quarter of TNF and the last 3 innings of the ALDSs

and as far as bourbon, Knob Creek is currently my choice, though there's a bar on Haight that makes a killer Maker's Old Fashioned

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re: Cheapest Bar in the Country?
there is a little bar off of Chestnut (side street is probably either Steiner or Pierce) that is owned by some guy from Chicago. if you go in while they have a Chicago team playing, and you are wearing their colors, he gives you free drinks. Can't remember the name of the bar though

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re: Cheapest Bar in the Country?
Big Daddy's Delcambre, LA..........good luck.

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re: Cheapest Bar in the Country?

That "red beer" fad needs to go though. Thats for the Mexicans down here

That isn't a fad in the northwest. Tons of people drink that shite. My family members in Oregon drink it exclusively. It's fricking gross.

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