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Josh McCown has broken hand

by percy
percy 1212/10 11:52 pm

Can those smarter than me give the playoff scnerio after todau

by ThruThickandThin
ThruThickandThin1312/10 10:37 pm

Did Tom Benson sign off on Roger's NFL extension?

by Northwestern tiger
Northwestern tiger 1512/10 11:02 pm

Just Think...

by mjv1011
mjv1011612/10 11:04 pm

Former Falcons Player was Subbed onto the Officials Roster at the Last Moment Thursday

by Shiftyplus1
Shiftyplus1 712/10 11:07 pm

Mike Cerullo to join department that decides Payton’s fate...

by touchdownjeebus
touchdownjeebus 612/10 7:08 pm

Bobby Hebert says "the fix was in" on Saints loss to Falcons

by Mrwhodat
Mrwhodat 912/10 10:58 pm

#1 seed might be in reach (Wentz possible ACL injury)

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by CajunsTigersSaints
CajunsTigersSaints 5312/11 12:18 am

So Kamara couldn't come back in the game but Tom Savage could?

by tigersquad89
tigersquad89612/10 10:07 pm
Lester Earl

Regardless of playoff seed, Saints good enough to win it all if healthy enough.

by roscoe mike
roscoe mike 1112/10 8:18 pm
Fat Bastard

Roger Goodell swooped in a took that #1 seed from our boys

by UptownG504
UptownG504412/10 6:23 pm

The only real chance the Saints have above a 4 seed is a 1 seed

by tigersquad89
tigersquad89412/10 6:29 pm

Mccown left the game today with a left hand injury

by TechDawg2007
TechDawg2007 912/10 6:11 pm

That Redskins win was HUGE

by mjv1011
mjv1011512/10 4:31 pm
25 Point Lead

Somebody in the NFC South is gonna be 11 or 12 win wildcard

by Cow Drogo
Cow Drogo 1912/10 5:28 pm

Saints need to win out to win division...

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by MetArl15
MetArl15 2612/10 5:22 pm

Is NFL the new WWF

by TutHillTiger
TutHillTiger 1112/10 11:41 pm

So Tom Savage is allowed back to play after that?

by fladohado
fladohado 912/10 3:15 pm

Why Didn't Goodell Schedule Saints @ Buffalo Today?

by Champagne
Champagne 212/10 4:00 pm

Browns beating Packers screws the Saints (edit Cleveland blew it!)

by Cow Drogo
Cow Drogo 1712/10 6:19 pm
Cow Drogo

How many saints fans are here that aren't tiger fans?

by Hawgnsincebirth55
Hawgnsincebirth55 1912/10 11:59 pm

Can Roger keep the Saints from winning a SB?

by UptownG504
UptownG5041012/10 7:20 pm
Fat Bastard

NFL assigned former Falcons player to officiate Saints-Falcons game

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by CajunsTigersSaints
CajunsTigersSaints 3112/10 3:15 pm

Pulling for browns and giants today

by msstate7
msstate7 812/10 1:24 pm
25 Point Lead

Phil McKinley referee

by burasjr123
burasjr123 012/10 12:58 pm
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