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Old, 'washed up' QBs
I think the new rules will extend a lot of QBs' careers.

Brady had over 500 yds in the Superbowl. Brees was unstoppable in the 2nd half against the Vikings.

In the past, guys like this retired because they got out of shape, got beat up, made enough money, and let go. Peyton retired because an injury wrecked his velocity, which was never elite in the first place btw.

Brady and Brees are taking care of themselves, they don't get blasted anymore like they would have earlier in their careers, and the money is becoming insane. Give them a good O line in the current rule structure, and they might get to 50 before they can't physically still play. Can't throw it hard anymore? Doesn't matter- you no longer worry about hanging a WR out to dry, the safety will be fined and maybe suspended if he blows up a WR. You can't drill a QB anymore, you have to wrap him up safely around the body, so no worries about brittle bones.

"Fifty" might be a stretch, but certainly 45 is doable if you take care of yourself physically.

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re: Old, 'washed up' QBs
Taking care of your body certainly helps along with how much QBs are protected ,but the reality is doing so will maybe extended QBs another year or two. I don't expect Brady will play more than 2 more seasons and neither will Brees. Father time will catch up and they will lose a step. I doubt anyone outside of a kicker will make it to 45-50.

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re: Old, 'washed up' QBs
While his first half certainly was lacking, I do not want to hear anyone trash Brees again. What that dude did to the Vikings in the 2nd half was just surgical. I've never seen anyone rip apart that defense like he did in the 2nd half and I've no doubt it helped open the door for the Eagles to do so against them in their game.

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re: Old, 'washed up' QBs
If Nick foles can do it then an aging Brees should have no problem

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