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re: ESPN article on Pelicans tanking.

How do the Pelicans tank?

Play Rivers
i lol'd

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re: ESPN article on Pelicans tanking.
The East is so bad the bad team are more likely to win more while were playing mostly team fighting for the playoffs the tank is real.

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re: ESPN article on Pelicans tanking.
I know I will be disagreed with but o honestly don't think we lost the bet with Philly.

We may still get our protected pick and I really like jrue. I mean o know some people were pumped about nerlin Hilton Armstrong noel but I never was. He couldn't stop johnny o Bryant last year and hr was gonna anchor the paint?

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re: ESPN article on Pelicans tanking.

Playing him at the three was my favorite part. And next he'll suggest that Milwaukee play Giannis Antetokounmpo at the 5.

I completely disagree with the part about playing Davis less but putting him at the three actually wouldnt be as crazy and unprecedented as it may seem. OKC (then the Supersonics) played Durant at the 2 a lot his rookie year. Call it tanking or experimenting whichever you want but it made the team worse by playing a person out of his natural position.
I would not be opposed to starting rivers at pg and playing Davis at the three sometimes.
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