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The Darkest Hour
Anyone seen it?


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re: The Darkest Hour
Loved it. Gary Oldman will win best actor hands down. I will say it will probably take someone who has an interest in the time period to truly enjoy it or they may find it slow. It was a great companion to Dunkirk.

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re: The Darkest Hour
I enjoyed the movie. It's a little loose on facts and timeline stuff, but overall, it is a well done historical movie. I liked it better than The King's Speech.

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re: The Darkest Hour
Yes. Much better than kings speech, better performance too. The music is great... It feels epic. Oldman is incredible... Def. See it in the theater if you get a chance.

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re: The Darkest Hour
Fantastic movie. You will not be dissapointed.

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re: The Darkest Hour

Loved it. Gary Oldman will win best actor hands down.
I kept TRYING to See Oldman, but could only ever see Churchill.
I went into the movie with a profound respect for GO as a master artist and a chameleon.
I left astounded that he was able to increase my admiration for him as an actor.

Movie was interesting, a bit more on the history buff side rather than action side. But I enjoyed it.
I watched Dunkirk a few days later, and It felt like a really good 2-part movie series.

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re: The Darkest Hour
Excellent movie which takes place over a limited but crucial
time in world history. Gary Oldman was brilliant which means he will likely see someone not nearly as worthy win the Oscar.
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re: The Darkest Hour
My parents believe he will win best actor.

Typically when you portray someone that well you win

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re: The Darkest Hour
The last 30 minutes or so of this movie ranks right up there with the vote on the Declaration of Independence in the John Adams HBO series.

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re: The Darkest Hour
I’m definitely not trying to be an ass, but if you’re talking about the Gary Oldman movie that just showed up on amazon it’s just “Darkest Hour” without “The” in front.

The title seemed familiar to me because there was another movie that came out in 2011 starring Emile Hirsch called The Darkest Hour. Can’t remember watching it all the way through but it’s about an alien invasion, obviously different movies.

Just bought the Gary Oldman version and looking forward to comparing it to Dunkirk.

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