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re: New Denzel Movie - Flight
Just saw this from Redbox. Great movie. The action scene was intense and I could relate with a lot of the scenes of alcoholism. Best movie I've seen in a while.

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re: New Denzel Movie - Flight
Another good Denzel movie.

Picked this up at RedBox last night. Definitely worth the price of the rental and two hours of your time. I had been wanting to see this one for awhile.

In the beginning, the stewardess Denzel was fricking and doing blow with was fiya. Fully nude and an arse you could bounce a quarter off of.

It was difficult to watch at times because he was so self destructive.


the part at the end where they call John Goodman in to bring the blow to wake Denzel up was pretty wild. Good look into the life of a "functioning addict".

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re: New Denzel Movie - Flight
The captain was tapping some hot ass!

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