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re: Midsommar(Spoilers/Discussion)
what am i missing? i'm looking right at the trees and dont see the face.

eta i see it now. green guy in the upper left. yeah it does resemble her sister from the beginning of the movie.
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re: Midsommar(Spoilers/Discussion)
Finally got around to watching this last night. I loved it and found it funny at times.

Does anyone know if the directors cut is available now?

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re: Midsommar(Spoilers/Discussion)
Only available on Apple TV at the moment...but rumors are the full extended version is going to be available in the U.S. at the end of October for Blu Ray/DVD.

I saw a torrent vid and it clears up a lot with a few added scenes.

-A river scene where a small boy is almost sacrificed....if you were wondering how Connie(the British girl)died, she was wearing the same outfit that the boy had on who was almost sacrificed. So, she was drowned in the river.

-Extra scenes that show Christian is a genuine a-hole and definitely deserved what he got.

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re: Midsommar(Spoilers/Discussion)
watched this last night and i have to say i don't know if a movie ever met my expectations as perfectly as MS. now that's not me saying it was amazing, b/c i didn't have very high expectations after i heard how divisive the movie was

but it was pretty much exactly what i thought it was going to be in terms of presentation, plot, etc. there were some little things (i thought the plan was for the brothers to bring women to have babies for the inbreeding/genetic reasons, b/c of the romance hinted at with both of the women brought over), but overall it was kind of a modern spin on Wicker Man with Ari Aster relationship drama brought in as a framing device

i thought the production value was very good but the movie itself was disjointed in terms of narrative/plot. obviously it borrowed heavily from Wicker Man (however, there was an actual remake of Wicker Man a few years back and we saw how horrible that was. these types of pagan horror plots aren't automatic).

the movie wasn't scary but was unsettling. i may not watch this movie again but if i do, it will be when i'm in a negative frame of mind and want to watch a movie of people i hate have bad things happen to them (my #1 movie in this mindset is Rules of Attraction but it's gotten old). i am glad i watched it and waited until i could watch it properly (with soundbar kicking in the dark without interruptions or distractions)

*ETA: it was hilarious how the main female character, who was so passive aggressive and non-confrontational in the beginning, ended up confidently choosing her bf to be sacrificed by the end.
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re: Midsommar(Spoilers/Discussion)

So, evidently i missed this part. I dosed off at one point in the first part of the movie and didnt realize i missed anything

LOL. That was the first scene that let the group know that bad stuff was going on. It's why the British couple wanted to leave. It was the bloodiest scene in the movie.

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re: Midsommar(Spoilers/Discussion)
Watched this, finally, as the trailer had me excited.

I'd actually disagree and say this was pretty good. It was exactly what I expected and had some powerful layers built throughout the film. The only problem is Aster is one of the few filmmakers I see who can truely make me uncomfortable and I have no interest in watching it again. Not as bad as Hereditary, but close enough.

While the film, overtly, is about the relationship, Dani's awakening, etc., I actually think there is something a bit broader at play. A few things first:
1. There is no magic. I find it interesting that Aster makes it clear there is nothing supernatural at play, just a belief that there is supernatural things. Where Hereditary made those things clear, Midsommar avoids showing anything magical.
2. The Hargas had no social structure outside of the elders and their aging rituals. No families, all equal....

Take a look at the 4 main characters - Dani, Christian, Mark, Josh.

Mark is the foo, clearly. Driven by pleasure - drugs and women, he's funny, never takes anything seriously. In essence he's a hedonist, living for fun and pleasure.

Josh is the scientist. He's there solely for intellectual pursuits, driven by knowledge, and he frames everything he sees in the context.

Christian is...the Christian. He's the Spiritual. And while it might not seem obvious, Chrisitian's relationship to Dani is very much a representation of the majority of religious experience within the broad religions of Christian/Protestants/Jewish. Uncommitted, meandering, still fighting with the scientist frequently even though they often have the same goals.

The three men stand for major drivers for human existence - knowledge, spirituality, happiness.

Dani is the vulnerable, the lost. Everyone experiences loss in life, and Aster compacts that by taking everything from Dani in the first 10 mins. of the film. She's with Christian (might be spiritual but not really believe), she studies psychology (so she's a scientist, but never views the world from that lens), and has no idea where to look for happiness (rejects the drugs until she is urged to, because the Fool makes a big deal out of it). Because of her vulnerability in the beginning, she let's other people drive her....

The Hargas are a collective, a dangerous one, but I haven't thought through it enough to pin down exactly what Aster was intending with them. Is it meant to be "Paganism" itself? That seems too simple. What is clear is how they "use" everyone. They experience everything "collectively," and they are coordindated.

- They smile, a lot, have fun, play games - they put on the mask of hedonism
- They are skilled at alchemy/science, gardening, architecture, and keep tomes of knowledge - They aren't shy to "plant" knowledge in their community
- They need vulnerable believers and systems to use - they need "new blood" from Christians.

There are a few holes here and there, but like I said, I have no interest in watching this again. I couldn't get away of "Christian" being cloaked as a "beast," and being burned. Like Aster is warning (and he's Jewish I believe) people that traditional faiths are going up against something that's going to destroy them.

Sorry for the ramble.
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re: Midsommar(Spoilers/Discussion)

Midsommar was the dumbest god damn movie I have ever seen

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