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He Was a Quiet Man
just found this on Netflix last night and gave it a watch. I figured with Christian Slater, William H. Macy and Elisha Cuthbert that it couldn't be too bad.

It was interesting, that's for damn sure. Christian Slater's character looks remarkably terrible. Movie is about some guy who clearly gets shite on at his job all the time, and spends his lunch breaks loading a gun hoping to be able to take out the coworkers he hates, or pressing the button on a box he keeps in his briefcase imagining the building blowing up. He becomes the "office hero" after capping a co-worker who actually does shoot up some people in the office.

It was kind of slow in the beginning, and I almost turned it off. Glad I stuck with it though as it did pick up quite a bit. It wasn't a terrible movie and it wasn't a great movie. Also, you get a look at Elisha Cuthberts boobs, which I'm going to assume wasn't a body double, so there's that.

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re: He Was a Quiet Man
Thanks alot. Had me thinking John Wayne.

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re: He Was a Quiet Man
Interesting movie, especially Slater in a very un-Slater like role. But I kind of felt like I wasted my time when it was over.

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