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re: Bill Simmons emergency pod coming (rumour) 3 UPDATES!!

I'll post link when it drops

Someday OP will post link...

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re: Bill Simmons emergency pod coming (rumour) 3 UPDATES!!

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re: Bill Simmons emergency pod coming (rumour) 3 UPDATES!!
Simmons, Russillo and Sal are good listens. Fennessey’s Big Picture pod isn’t bad. Rewatchables series is nice. After that it falls off a cliff for me. A lot of it is content I don’t care about. I’m not up to date on a lot of pop culture and Simmons is plenty of NBA for me. Some of the pods cover content I care about, but they’re a painful listen.

I can’t stand Clark and Mays. Maybe it’s them together. They both know what they’re talking about and they’re both intelligent, but they’re awful on a pod. Forced enthusiasm and hyperbole. Russillo shite on Clark a few times. That was comical. Danny Kelly seems good, but it’s hard to tell because Clark and Mays trip over themselves talking over him when he’s on.

The college football podcast they waved the white flag on was pitiful. I’m flabbergasted they employ Sherman.

The MLB pod is ok. Smart guys, not aggravating, just painfully dull. That may be unfair given they’re doing a national mlb show without the access or budget that Olney has at ESPN.

Tate and Titus are meh for me. I think they would appeal more to me if I was 10 years younger and in college again.

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