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re: ACC Commissioner says now is not the time to expand the playoffs
Assuming a year in which all four teams play their conf champ games...

You have 4 teams who play 14 games and 2 teams who play in 15 games.

In an 8 team playoff, again assuming all 8 teams play in conf champ games...

You have 8 teams who play 14 games, 4 teams who play 15 games, and 2 teams who play 16 games.

So 2 teams will play 16 games which is an additional game.

Meanwhile... dumping a game is a bad idea.

Not only do your FCS/lower FBS teams lose a payday game... but the rest of FBS loses a home game which would make a lot of money as well. Or they would lose a neutral site big payday game.

There's a lot of P5 programs that barely make ends meet for athletics. Take away a million or two from losing a game and it's gonna hurt them as well.

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If the number of games are an issue, just go back to 11 regular season games like it was for decades.
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I think that would work but it's going to suck for FCS programs who rely on those big paydays to fund the majority, or sometimes all, of their athletic budget.


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Not to mention when a college game says 2:30 pm start, they spend 8-9 minutes setting up the game. Actual kick is like 2:38 pm.

If the NFL shows a 12:00 start, the ball is being kicked at 12:00

Great point.

Replay could also be a factor to some degree. In the NFL, reviews are relatively limited to scoring plays, turnovers, and the final 2 minutes of a half. I believe coaching challenges average less than one per game.

In college, every play is looked at, so you could have several more stoppages per game. Especially with the introduction of targeting, refs are being buzzed to review potential fouls that weren't actually flagged during play.

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When your conference is weak with basically only 1 team potentially reaching the playoffs even if expansion were to reach 12 this is what you do. The ACC can’t afford to look any weaker. An expanded playoff would get more SEC and Big10 schools in making them even more powerful. You already see where the best recruits play. How would they get those kids back if they are viewed as second rate?

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Never thought I would say this but the ACC is saving college football.

but not in the way you think.

they aren't really opposed to the playoff b/c of extra games.

they are opposed b/c ESPN automatically gets the expanded playoff plus an extension on their deal if it expands before the original deal is up.

expanding w/o putting it up for bid to multiple networks would be idiotic so they may as well wait.
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Phillips says they got feedback from ACC athletes, and Clemson "does not want to play any extra games."


Of course they don’t

This discussion really doesn't apply to Gamecock people so go back to the kids table and let the grown ups speak.

All of this posturing is about the negotiating process. The TV deal that will come out of the next CFP is going to be enormous and with players like Amazon getting into the football broadcast business all of the conferences are just playing the game.

I do agree NIL and the transfer portal need to get some type of consistent control before the next playoff but all of these matters can be handled at the same time.

I don't care about a longer college season because most of the NFL talent leaves early anyway and the NFL is now a 17 games season. They need to suck it up.

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