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TDA question about funds being on hold
I know there is a hold on transferring money into your TDA account.. typically 3-4 days.

Is there going to be a hold in this scenario... say I buy 1000 shares of something that morning and sell it for 100 dollar profit.

is the 1000 plus 100 on hold for several days or just the 100 I made?
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re: TDA question about funds being on hold
You can buy something as soon as you transfer funds to your account as long as it's not an OTC stock which would need to settle.

If you buy something say $1000 and make $100 and sell it all for $1100 the same day you would need to let it settle for two days before using those funds or you'll get a good faith violation.

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re: TDA question about funds being on hold
Is that something you plan on doing a lot?
If so, you there are rules you need to familiarize yourself with.

If not, then yes you can buy again as long as you have margin enabled.

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