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MNKD (MannCorp) and their drug Afrezza.
Anyone have knowledge of this stock ? Basically Afrezza is an inhaled short acting insulin which if approved would be huge in the world of diabetic treatments. Al Mann has put 1 billion of his own money in the company and is optimistic it will gain final FDA approval (it is undergoing phase 3 testing now). The issue is the drug has failed to get approval twice before.

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re: MNKD (MannCorp) and their drug Afrezza.
I dabbled in it in the 1's and in the 3's, and made decent money. Now, if I had held what I had from the 1's I would be even better off. Biotech's just worry me. They are manipulated more than any other sector. I made a lot of money off of ARNA when it was going through the FDA process and luckily I sold making good money.

Research ARNA and AMRN. Even if Afrezza is approved, I just do not know how high it can climb. ARNA had Belviq and AMRN had Vascepa, two at the time "game-changers" if you will. The prescriptions are starting to pick up, but nothing like the hype that led up to it.

One of my big reasons for believing is MNKD is what you stated:


Al Mann has put 1 billion of his own money in the company

Even still though, manipulation runs rampant in these stocks and one sign of negative pub for Afrezza and it will fall hard and fast. Which, depending on the negative pub, may be a good time to get in.

*DISCLAIMER* I do not own any of the stocks mentioned, nor do I plan on opening a position in the next 72 hours.
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