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Investment idea
My mom gave my son $1000 for his 8th birthday and she wants us to invest it for him so he can have more when he turns 18. Besides a 10 year CD, what other options are there?

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re: Investment idea
I'd go with an S and P 500 index etf through someone like vanguard

Unless you want to be really aggressive and throw it in a single stock like Tesla

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re: Investment idea
I invest $1000 each year on my sons birthday in a stock (or split it between 2). I usually choose something he has interest in and is a solid/dividend stock. I prefer individual stocks for the “novelty” of it I guess, since it’s a gift. The idea of giving him an account with ownership of companies he recognizes.

MCD, Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, Tesla, FB, Disney, VISA, etc.

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re: Investment idea

I started a thread, but didn’t get much traffic.

I want to start gifting my brother’s kids stock, for the same reasons you posted. Nothing crazy, just a stock in a company they’ll be familiar with on their bday and Christmas. One niece is 8, the other is 4 months old.

I play around with stocks a little through Robinhood, but that’s all. What’s the best way to gift them stocks? I’d like them to be in separate accounts, so as they get older they can watch the growth.

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