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Investment account

Do you view your individual investment account as a retirement account, joint retirement and possible expense account, or an account you expect to dip into periodically?

I try to view mine similar to a 401k. Meaning once money hits that account, it never leaves until needed for retirement. At the same time, I'm not sure if this will always be the case with a 30 year retirement horizon.

What's your opinion/method?

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I have a separate small rollover IRA account, but I still view my individual investment account on Fidelity as my retirement/savings/checking. I only pull cash out when I absolutely need it.

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I view it as a retirement account, but not quite to the same degree as a 401K.

When I was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and felt the urge to simplify my life and finances, we took some funds out of a non-qualified investment account to pair with free cash on hand and pay off the relatively small (maybe $75K) remaining balance on our home mortgage.

That's the only time we have ever made any sort of withdrawal from that account, but obviously I wouldn't have hit the qualified accounts for that purpose.

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I always viewed taxable brokerage as an early retirement fund. Now that I'm about to retire, I've amassed enough that I can borrow against it at favorable rates instead of actually selling to generate income or fund major purchases or home down payment.

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I'm assuming you are talking a taxable investment account. If so, I treat it like a retirement account and include as part of my overall portfolio allocation.

With a taxable account though, I only have stocks in there (VTI and VXUS) with no REITs or bonds to minimize dividends.

I do think of my taxable account as a backup/SHTF emergency fund as I'd rather sell it than pull contributions from my Roth or forced to withdraw from IRA with a penalty.

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I'm assuming you are talking a taxable investment account.

I was assuming the same thing. Apart from tax advantaged accounts, my trading accounts are primarily set up for income generation purposes. I take a set monthly draw no matter what.

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Now that I'm about to retire, I've amassed enough that I can borrow against it at favorable rates
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I’m completely with you OP- once that money goes in it’s not coming out, it’s not factored into any budgets, it’s just a number on my screen. Obviously it can be quickly accessed if needed, but we have emergency savings before that even hits, so it would have to be something massive.

So, I know it’s there… but it’s not coming out unless we need to buy some tanks or something. That same 401k thought process towards a taxable account is soothing to me- not real money yet.

Have a robinhood account for shenanigans
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For retirement accounts, what goes in never comes out (until retirement).

Have found compartmentalizing non retirement accounts for specific life goals to solve the dilemma that your raise. For example, rainy day find, children wedding fund, new home, etc.

Context helps with purpose, clarity, and discipline. Also helps match the investment risk to return decision and timeline for when money will be needed.

We commingled these early days and was not deal for us.

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