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Traditional Fund?
I know this is the ticket exchange board, but I am interested in trying to get season tickets, anyone know how to join the traditional fund?

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re: Traditional Fund?
google TAF...tiger athletic to find out how much of a donation it would take to get your TAF ranking to #2500 or so.

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re: Traditional Fund?
Tradition fund is only a mandatory fee for current season ticket owners who get their tickets thru LSU and not TAF.

You need to join TAF and pay 10,000$ for any shot for next season.

Otherwise just start out giving 100$ per year

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re: Traditional Fund?
Unless you really want the pride to say you are a season ticket holder, I really don't see the reason to buy season tickets anymore. The TAF is simply outrageous now.

If you add up the price to buy tickets outside the stadium all year, it was far less than even the face value on the tickets. The Ole Miss game, for example, was a joke. I was given several tickets outside the game and pieced them together until we were all sitting together. I then held up what I didn't need and yelled, "Free!" It literally took 5 minutes to find someone to accept. I'm not sure what has happened recently, but the last few years have been a joke.

BTW, the Alabama ticket was around $100-$150 each on gameday. There was no reason to own a season ticket this year unless you just like donating to the school.
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re: Traditional Fund?
I completely understand, but not everybody wants to look for tickets on gameday.

I'm not bringing a client or colleague out to TS and having to walk around to find tickets.

ETA: To the OP, donate $100/year is the best method to get tickets ASAP without dropping big bucks. You can probably get called for uppers in 3 years or so.
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re: Traditional Fund?
I'm selling my season tickets for next year only
in sec 213 2 sets of tickets for 1600. email me at if interested

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re: Traditional Fund?
I suggest contacting taf. If you are serious about doing whatever it takes to get season ticket next year they will personally come meet you if you live in louisiana. They will come up with a payment plan for you to get wherever you need to be by a certain date.

It will take about 10 k like the other poster said for tickets next year.

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