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Now that the hire is complete.......
Can everyone stop bickering or complaining. What's done is done.

Kind of like a play. In very short order we will know one way or the other if it was successful or a disaster.

The bright side for the Domesday crowd, is if this ends badly, it will take EVERYONE down with it. New Slate.

If the CEO / CSE and the Tigers thrive, as I hope they do but have my doubts as well, we have lost nothing and the future will be bright.

Sit back, enjoy the ride and for the love of everything LSU, support the team, they didn't have any say in the matter.

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re: Now that the hire is complete.......
I was never off the support the team train. I always have and always will.

But I'm through with believing anything O says. Ensminger, I have no issue with but the "search" or lack thereof was garbage, going back to my issue with O. No issue with Aranda either.

It's O and Alleva that are the problem. But I will support the Tigers, I guarantee you that.

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re: Now that the hire is complete.......
One/two bad plays in a football game don't set you back for years on end.

I agree with your overall point, however.
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