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An old joke about the poonanny
Three rival nations were fighting over the same piece of disputed territory.

All three thought it was important to show their power to deter their enemies.

The first country showed up with two nuclear warheads. the chief said when I raise my hand, fire these missles. When it was over, he said the world has just seen our strength.

The second country showed up with an army of 1 million soldiers armed with machine guns. Their leader said when I raise my hand shoot your weapons up in the sky. We have just shown the world our strength.

The 3rd Country showed up with two chicks. He said when I raise my hand tell them to drop their drawers. So, one of the reporters asked him what are you doing. He said when I raised my hand, there was no longer any one working the computers to fire the missiles, and all the soldiers no longer had weapons. You can't fight with your hand on your cock.

The moral of the story is pussy is undefeated

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