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Burrow trolled TD during the game

by TDsngumbo
TDsngumbo 212/8 10:47 am
Solo Cam

Loved Randy pushing for us to be #1

by Kategory 5
Kategory 5112/8 10:46 am

Coolest thing about this LSU Team

by FishinTygah84
FishinTygah84 112/8 10:45 am

How many #1 votes move to LSU?

by HubbaBubba
HubbaBubba 612/8 10:44 am

Natty trip cost.

by Tiger Iron
Tiger Iron 1112/8 10:43 am
Solo Cam

T-20 mins and Heather Dinnich still pushing LSU as #1

by KwoodTiger
KwoodTiger 212/8 10:43 am

Offensive line

by Tiger Iron
Tiger Iron 712/8 10:42 am

I hope Terrace Marshall can build up his confidence off of this game

by Byrdybyrd05
Byrdybyrd05912/8 10:34 am

Listening to XM radio on #1 debate

by GeauxLSU4
GeauxLSU4 612/8 10:34 am

Why do we care so much about being #1?

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by Rouge
Rouge 3812/8 10:34 am

I've tried to give Gary some slack...

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by mkemp0113
mkemp0113 2012/8 10:32 am
Tiger Iron

What’s your usual reaction to these big plays?

by siliconvalleytiger
siliconvalleytiger 712/8 10:32 am

Love this teams moxie

by Tiger Iron
Tiger Iron 312/8 10:31 am
Erin Go Bragh

Did anyone watch Tim Tebow getting Marcus fired up?

by Brotorious
Brotorious 1812/8 10:29 am
Tiger in Gatorland

parking lot in Canada

by oldcharlie8
oldcharlie8 012/8 10:27 am

Any updates on Ja'Marr Chase illness?

by SpitzFan
SpitzFan1112/8 10:25 am

Who all’s cashing their LSU -7 bets at the Mississippi casinos on the way home today?

by The Boat
The Boat 712/8 10:25 am

Can you imagine the outcry if we still had the old BCS for determining the championship?

by LSURussian
LSURussian 1812/8 10:25 am
easy money

Ratings, Folks...Ratings

by RummelTiger
RummelTiger 1612/8 10:25 am


by Priapism99
Priapism99 512/8 10:24 am
Sid in Lakeshore

Dabo says LSU should be #1

by lsutiger2010
lsutiger2010 612/8 10:24 am

Is there some inherent SEC bias on our part?

by PhillyFan1994
PhillyFan19941112/8 10:22 am

1 seed has not won a championship in the playoff era

by The Belk
The Belk1012/8 10:21 am

Watching this LSU team- unpopular opinion

by Yaboylsu63
Yaboylsu63 1512/8 10:21 am

Gif of Shelvin destroying guy on punt team?

by Soup Sammich
Soup Sammich 012/8 10:21 am
Soup Sammich
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