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The Weekly Wrapup July 27-August 2
TOP 15-11

TOP 10-6

2021 4* WR Jalil Farooq
Schools: LSU, Clemson, OU, West Virginia, Boston College, Bama and Maryland.
Measurements: 6'1" 200 lbs
CB: 100% OU(8)
J.F 24/7

TOP 5-2



Jamal Pettigrew(LSU)>>>???
(Can't find his 24/7)

Desmond Watson>>>Florida
D.M 24/7

Dietrick Pennington>>>Clemson
D.P 24/7

Logan Diggs>>>Notre Dame
L.D 24/7

Malik Nabers>>>Mississippi State
M.N 24/7

Kendal Daniels>>>A&M
K.D 24/7


Official Offers thread

Keanu Koht Edit 1

Keanu Koht Edit 2

Bryan Allen Jr edit

Isaiah Johnson: More CBs to ASU.

Jason Marshall: Many high confidence CB's to Miami.

Ketron Jackson: CB's to Texas.

Leonard Taylor: Miami CB's keep flowing.

Matthew Langlois: 3 CBs to Mississippi State, two High confidence CB to Mississippi State.

Jake Johnson: High confidence CB to LSU.

Shone Washington: Another CB to LSU.

Landyn Watson: Another CB to TCU.

Nathaniel Wiggins: CB from Sonny to LSU.

Ahmari Harvey: CB to Auburn.

Monkell Goodwine: Multiple CB's to Bama.

Rayshaun Benny: Multiple CB's to Michigan.

Camar Wheaton: According to Steve Wiltfong the schools remaining in contact with Wheaton are LSU, OU, Texas, and Bama. SMU and A&M are also involved.

Shemar Turner: Says he talks with LSU, A&M,and UGA the most.

*Nuss got an All America invite*

*presumed first round CB Caleb Fairly has opted out of the 2021 season to train for the draft*

VIP article on Antonio Harmon

Soni Fonua debuts new helmet masks

Shea Dixon: LSU hands out OO

Article on Jamal Pettigrew in the TP

Brad Crawford:Ranking every 5 star in the 2021 class

Why Bo Pelini will help LSU on the RT

Wiltfongs Whiparound

VIP Ahmari Harvey opens up on recruitment ahead of senior season

VIP Forecast Friday by Sonny Ship

VIP Tidbits by Sonny Ship

VIP 2022 1.0 Mock by Shea Dixon

VIP 2021 4.0 Mock by Shea Dixon

VIP 1st offer for Aiden Leigh is memorable

VIP Top 10 prospect wants to look more at LSU

VIP Tidbits by Shea Dixon

VIP Tidbits by Sonny Shipp

VIP Tigerwrap 2022 defense

Kevin Faulk goes in-depth on 2020 prep

Ed O breaks down starting O-Line

VIP Tigerwrap 2021 defense

VIP Corey Raymond stands out to DB Terrance Brooks

Rocco Spindler to announce on CBS

QB Collective talks Garrett Nussmeier

HS rulings to bring decisions for LSU targets

Earnest Green could cut his list down soon

Sunshine state scorecard

Shemar Stewart 1 on 1s

LSU makes moves on Leigh and Dellinger brothers

VIP Langlois is considering pre-season decision

Which DBs will LSU land

VIP LSU still pushing hard for #1 CB

VIP Relationships important to Camar Wheaton

VIP Tigerwrap offense 2022

VIP Tigerwrap offense 2021

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re: The Weekly Wrapup July 27-August 2
Great thread as always. Thanks.

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re: The Weekly Wrapup July 27-August 2
This is excellent work.

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re: The Weekly Wrapup July 27-August 2
Good stuff as always. I think the commitments having their own header looks perfect but that's just me.

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re: The Weekly Wrapup July 27-August 2
Wheaton actually speaking is fascinating. That dude doesn’t talk but I want him as our RB. Nuss is just a leader. Not going to worry about ‘22 for now.

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re: The Weekly Wrapup July 27-August 2
Good job. Thanks for the hard work

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re: The Weekly Wrapup July 27-August 2
Wheaton is the complete opposite of the top RB out of Texas last year. I want him in this class.

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re: The Weekly Wrapup July 27-August 2
Great job young man

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