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UPS for sensitive electronics on generator power

I recently had a 50A panel backfeed receptacle installed at my house for my portable generator. Since then, I have been advised to put expensive electronics (desktop computers, TVs, etc) on uninterruptable power supplies to protect them from the "dirty power" made from the generator (which is not an invertor generator).

Do y'all think these are absolutely needed? If so, Any recommended brands? I see APC pop up a lot.

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I use APC

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A lot of electronics can handle "dirty" power. Thousands of people run TVs on generators while tailgating and it doesn't seem to be killing them. I definitely wouldn't buy a UPS for everything, but if there's something you want to be extra safe about then it won't hurt anything other than your wallet.

APC, Tripp Lite, CyberPower, Eaton are all common names, but I'm not sure how much difference the brand makes. They all make different models, some higher quality than others ("consumer" vs "pro" use cases), and there are probably brands that make higher quality units than the ones above. It's probably a get-what-you-pay-for situation.

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The internal power supplies of today’s TVs and computers are very similar in function to what happens in a UPS. They provide their own filtering/conditioning of the incoming power. However, I like having a UPS on my TV/cable box, and computer to protect the software from the sudden crash when the power drops out, and avoid the long re-start time of the cable box.

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We run all home electronics on our Honda Generator. Not an inverter, but very clean power. TV's, computers. No problem.

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i'm setting up a rack and i bought a 'cyberpower' pizza box UPS that has a swappable battery (because we all know these batteries fail after a few years) and it was under $200 and has a little windows utility (below).

so far no complaints but its only been working for a week

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