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Solar panels

Will likely be building in the next year or so and wanted to get opinions on solar panels. The Tesla one don’t look terrible. Was wondering if anyone had experience. Are they worth it?

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They were worth the investment a while back when both the state and federal government had fat tax rebates/incentives, but that has been phased out. ROI will take substantially unless the technology has improved with cost reductions, they may not be worth the hassle.

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when there were 80% rebates the panels cost 10x what they do now. Theres still 26% federal tax credit till the end of the year. You have to SHOP hard the providers as costs vary greatly. Sunpower is insane but they make it easy to own at double the cost. Not sure if they are worth it right out of the box but in the long run its not a horrible investment. Forget Tesla unless you have money to burn.

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Don't forget to consider costs for removal and replacement of panels when you get a new roof.

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Batteries can cause a system to get pricey. I would not size your system to more then you can used during daylight unless you have batteries to store and use it at night.

My understanding is selling power back to power company is a loosing proposition.

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Batteries can cause a system to get pricey. I would not size your system to more then you can used during daylight unless you have batteries to store and use it at night.

Or during a power outage, the additional cost of the batteries could offset the cost of a whole house standby generator. My neighbor has a system that will power the full house for several days in a outage.

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If yoou use solar power to help run the house during the day it will not charge the batteries.

You can use the ulitilty power to charge the batteries but why have solar

To have enough power to:
1) power all of part of your house during the day
2) charge your batteries enough to run it at night (you know
when the sun don't shine) and
3) have enough battery power the run the whole house for days after a storm (if your solar panels are still intact

You will need to triple what you think you need. More exactly you will need to add more solar panels than your roof will have space for. They will need to face south with a tilt up from hortizontal equal to your latitude. In S Louisiana that is about 30 degees. So to have a build some frames in your yard to support those extra panels that is clear to the south sky and with no shade trees winter and summer. Then you will needs a lot of lectrical wiring and gear installed by people you knw what they are doing with manual overides for when (not if) some of your panels are damaged. And then you will need a lot of space to install at least 3 large whole house battery systems.

Then pray that after a storm it is not cloudy during the day at all when your power is out.

Pretty easy stuff.

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