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Small retaining wall
Prior owners put in a fire pit near my back tree line.

It’s on a slope in a shaded area, more or less no grass. I’d like to level it out some and make it a more enjoyable pit area.

Need some advice on a cheap option for a DYI retaining wall that will hold up. Probably would need to be a foot or two high at most.

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re: Small retaining wall
Stacked rock ... it'll last so long they'll carbon date it 150,000 years from now.

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re: Small retaining wall

cheap option for a DYI retaining wall

Stack bags of quikrete and drive some rebar through the unopen bags. Wait for rain or hose it down.

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re: Small retaining wall
Pavestone that bitch. 2’. No problem.

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re: Small retaining wall

Pavestone that bitch.

I really don't care for pavestone or other pre-manufactured walls. They always seem sterile to me. A stone gravity wall looks much better IMO.

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re: Small retaining wall
I’d do the stacked rock. Backfill it with some small aggregate to drain. Since it’s in the shade it will look nice with some natural moss growing on it.

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