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Pool Alarms
My parents have a pool and my 4 year old sometimes stays the weekend with them (along with my nephew of the same age).

Its above ground with a deck/locked gate.

My parents keep a close eye on them, but as anyone with small children knows, they are sneaky and quick.

With all that said, I'd like to add another layer of protection and get them a pool alarm and am looking for recommendations.

Thanks in advance.

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re: Pool Alarms
they make those wireless magnetic window and door alarms

that seems like something thats worth looking into

but the only real solution is a combo of motion activated as well as door activated alarms
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re: Pool Alarms
It seems like the brain trust on reddit were largely against the in-pool alarms as being too little too late and too many false positives. Looking at all the pool gate alarms that can withstand weather the reviews were mixed. I've thought about creating my own weather proof box with smart sensors but that may not be necessary.

They focused more on layers of protection before the kid hits the pool and supervision.

To this, I already have a door and a gate before my pool. I will add another temporary gate, but also thinking of installing door locks high on my exterior doors a kid can't reach.
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re: Pool Alarms
I just know kids are too good at climbing, if they want to be.
I know this sounds over the top, but I wouldn't want to leave my 4 year old with someone who has a pool

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re: Pool Alarms
I use one of those contact sensors with an alert chime on the exterior doors along with a fence. So I hear and get an alert on my phone when the back door is open.

Also we were very aggressive with teaching our kids to swim at a young age. Our just turned 4 year old is an extremely capable swimmer which provides peace of mind also.
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re: Pool Alarms
Poolguard is a good brand.

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re: Pool Alarms
Can you put a GPS tracker on the 4 year old and geofence the pool?

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re: Pool Alarms
Get the kid in swim lessons, specifically survival swimming ASAP. Has done wonders for our peace of mind with my children around our pool

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re: Pool Alarms
[quote]they make those wireless magnetic window and door alarms[/quote


A door lock is the way to go.

We used a hotel type lock on the upper door. Easy to add and take off. And by the time your little guy can reach it he will be able to swim better than you.

Many pool alarms especially for a small above ground pool will be alarming for the wind, rain.

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