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re: Lumber prices

The lumber market usually operates on 8 week lead times. So lumber yards will make orders to saw mills 8 weeks out and basically estimate what their sales will be. There are 3rd party wholesalers that can help fill the gap if a lumber yard under estimates the products they will need. Saw mills also traditionally have kept a supply of finished materials on hand incase there were issues with production runs or an unforeseen halt in operations.

Not 8 week lead time but 8 week inventory. Mill usually have a week lead time to the store. 2 weeks would be extended. Yes we fill in certain items until the next truck is needed.

Now it’s 4-6 week lead time to get an inventory that might only last 2 weeks. Hard to anticipate the need and hard to pay for inventory that at any moment sit because people may say frick it we not paying.

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re: Lumber prices
Just went try and buy some center match. They were out and their expected delivery date was 4/15.

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re: Lumber prices
I am waiting for the posters that are normally in the lumber threads to jump in and give me a didactic reason and I want specifics on what the hell is going on. Guess what it won’t happen it’s manipulation 100%

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re: Lumber prices
Being in an unrelated industry with insane demand and lots of unhappy customers, I don't see much reason for conspiracy theories.

Insane low interest rates

Bonkers real estate both building and buying/selling

Covid bottlenecks that never caught up

Lumber mills can't be built anywhere near fast enough for the demand. Any why would you invest millions for a multi-year mill for temporary demand that will be gone by the time the mill is finished?

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re: Lumber prices
I just wish I could get an idea of what the market will be like by the end of the year into next year. I know prices are high and slot has to do what’s being discussed, bugs in Canada, Covid, supply and demand, spring projects. Just want a damn idea, but this shite drives me insane not knowing because it’s something nobody has ever seen. We just sold our property tonight to put some money in bank but it would be so nice to start at the right time at lower costs.

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