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Spinoff on worst blow up hole
Was reading that post and it made me remember my worst 9 hole split. Was playing Bluebonnet Hill Golf Club in Austin, TX and carded 33-50 - 83.

2nd best clusterfrick was at old Squirrel Run and had 2 eagles and 4 birdies and still carded 81 which included on old hole number 4 losing a ball off drive, re-tee it hit fairway and then fly the next shot in the hole for a par. Was one of the most maddening rounds I have ever had.

What kind of stories do y’all have?

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re: Spinoff on worst blow up hole
32-51. At Webb. Brutal.
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re: Spinoff on worst blow up hole
I’ve put some high 30s with 50+ too many times.

My worst memory is following a 36 with a 46.

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re: Spinoff on worst blow up hole
Shot 38 on the front at Atchaflaya.

Parred 10,11,12,13, 14, 15

On 16, I was laying 2, flag high left of the wrap around bunker. Skulled my pitch across the green into the bunker on the other side. It went into some of that bamboo back there. I was about 15ft from the flag with a clean look at the back of the ball. I’m not quite sure to this day what exactly happened from there, but it took me 5 strokes to get it on the green from the bamboo and I 2 putted for a 10.

Finished Par, Bogey for a back 9 42 and a smooth 80

My golf league had a tournament there the following weekend. When we got to the hole, I went to show one of my group members the spot where my disaster happened, and my buddy who had been with me on that fateful day had pegged a card into the sand that read

“On this spot one of golf’s greatest meltdown’s occurred” with my name and the date

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re: Spinoff on worst blow up hole
I shot a 58-38 at the island a few years ago.

Felt like a dufus on the front then best round on nine holes in a few years on the back.

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re: Spinoff on worst blow up hole
Both at the Farm


I think I’ve done worse, but luckily it was during a 2 man low ball. To my defense though, I carried us the whole round on day 1. Then, got hammered. It was his turn to carry my fat arse

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re: Spinoff on worst blow up hole
Front Nine - 35 (After making a hole in one)

Back Nine - 48 ( the wheels fell off after 2 out of bounds drives)

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re: Spinoff on worst blow up hole
My most infuriating round began with a birdie, an eagle, a birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie. Seventh hole was a par three across a pond into the wind, where I somehow managed to card a 10. Double bogeyed number eight and bogeyed number nine for a 39. Went to the clubhouse at the turn, ordered a double cheese burger, fries, onion rings, and drank cold draft beer until I felt good about my round. I do not remember what I shot on the back nine, but I recall feeling really happy about it.

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re: Spinoff on worst blow up hole
I win this thread

60-39 at TPCLA

ETA: or maybe it's the best comeback. either way, 21 shot swing
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re: Spinoff on worst blow up hole
Spring creek farm In Memphis.
50-36. WTF?
Played lake Caroline in Madison ms once. Was even par thru 12. Had to stop, go pick up my daughter from school. I was so excited thinking I was going to have a personal best, I went back to the course with her in tow, went to # 13 to finish my round.....
and double bogeyed all 6 holes!! Finished with an 84.
You can’t go back.

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