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re: How many games can you play at a time?
I've usually got 2-3 games I'm "playing" at a time. And though thinking about it now made me just realize this, I typically stick to one console, one handheld, and one PC game. Like, right now I'm playing StarCraft, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, and Jak II.

Once I beat StarCraft I'll move on to StarCraft II, then I'm gonna get back into Diablo for a little bit

Sacred Stones is gonna lead me into Fire Emblem: Awakening, then I'm gonna run through Kingdom Hearts 3D after I finish with those.

Once I finish the Jak & Daxter Collection on PS2 I'm gonna play through Darksiders again before starting Darksiders II.

That way I've got games to play while I'm at home, while I'm on campus, or none of the above

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re: How many games can you play at a time?

I refuse to beat it just because I don't want it to end (hello Fallout...Skyrim...).

Haha, same thing happens with me.

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re: How many games can you play at a time?
I've bee lying Dota 2 obsessively and can't get away from it.

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