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best way to drink absinthe?

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re: best way to drink absinthe?
With an absinthe spoon, sugar cube, lighter etc

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re: best way to drink absinthe?
You wanna hear how many jager bombs I did one time?

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re: best way to drink absinthe?
Discussing the birth of Impressionism with avant garde French artists about 140 years ago. Wormwood was present in the absinthe to boot, but the conversation must have been brilliant. Would have loved to have been there.

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re: best way to drink absinthe?

With an absinthe spoon, sugar cube, lighter etc

Negative, actual absinthe should be done as such with very cold water

We started with Nouvelle Orleans, an original recipe from Ted based on historical recipes and local flavours from New Orleans, his home town. We were all poured a glass and then directed to the various absinthe fountains and jugs of iced water dotted around the tables – absinthe isn’t really a drink to be sipped neat. It started out as a medicine, designed to be mixed with lots of water, and traditional absinthes are generally designed to be diluted before drinking – a ratio of between 3 and 5 parts water to one part absinthe is fairly usual.

I am partial to the Jade Liqueur brand developed by a New Orleanian T.A. Breaux

[quote]Ted started out on the path towards building his own absinthe brand back in 2000, when he got three bottles of absinthe from the early 20th century, produced before the various bans on its production popped up around the world. He analysed them for levels of Thujone (the chemical thought to have caused psychological effects in drinkers of absinthe) and various poisons, and found them to be safe – there were no poisons and the Thujone levels were much lower than had been thought, certainly not enough to cause the symptoms ascribed to its presence. He continued the analysis of the absinthes and worked with a lawyer colleague to get the US ban on absinthe overturned. The process of getting approval for spirits sales in the US is in two parts – liquid and label. First, in 2006, they sent in the liquid for analysis, which was quickly approved. Then they sent in their label, at which point the fun began. After some legal wrangling the authorities came around and in 2007 Lucid Absinthe hit the market, the first traditionally made American absinthe to be produced in almost 100 years. Ted moved on from Lucid and started working with a French distiller. Using his analyses of old bottles and a bit of experimentation he produced a number of recreations of older recipes, trying to revive the flavour profile of old, pre-ban absinthes. - See more at: LINK ]

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re: best way to drink absinthe?

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re: best way to drink absinthe?
This +1 mr degas.

I was going to say best way was with a French lady in. a shady bar in 1897.

If she wanted to discuss modeling for Taluse I would listen with undecided attention.

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re: best way to drink absinthe?
in a decent cocktail

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re: best way to drink absinthe?
I'm working in a French country and my coworkers always drink it with cold water only. They pour two fingers of Ricard and about 5 of cold water.

This has actually become my drink of choice. It has quite a strong flavor but you quickly adjust to it. It's interesting the color differences pastis make when you dilute them with water.

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