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Meniscus Surgery Opinions
Hurt my knee in mid June, saw Dr in early July, got MRI in August, and just had surgery consult.

It’s a complex tear of medial meniscus, minor tear behind knee that’s essentially healed now as well.

DR recommends trimming the torn part off.

Thing is, I’ve made a ton of progress since the initial injury, and I’m wondering if the surgery is really necessary.

For the first three weeks, almost everything was unbearable. But since then I’ve regained a lot of stability, a lot of my strength is back, and I feel like I am ready to start building back.

A few hours on the Internet tells me that people are pretty torn over a meniscus surgery. Some people do well, but other people seem to come out of the surgery with various issues including the original issues not corrected. One of the more controversial topics seems to be the risk of more arthritis years down the road.

Any opinions or experiences here?

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re: Meniscus Surgery Opinions
It's up to you at the end of the day. I've been in surgeries when the surgeon was thinking it would be an extensive/complicated repair and only did a menisectomy. On the other hand, they've been others when they had to do an all inside repair or even a root repair unexpectedly. If it was me, I would do it just so they would get the scope in there to know the extent of things.

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re: Meniscus Surgery Opinions
I just had my left knee done 2 weeks ago. If not for the pain when trying to sleep, I wouldn’t have done it. I was unable to do any running but was fine squatting.

I’m going to ease back into some leg workouts this weekend with body weights. Knee is still slightly tight since surgery. Unable to do PT bc of Ida and the damage in Houma.

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