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Any other asthmatics here?
I had asthma as a young child. The doctor told my mom to put me in sports and it would likely go away. The doctor was right, but it's made a return in the past 4 years. It started as an exercise-induced asthma diagnosis, but eventually it got to the point that I was using my rescue inhaler 4-5 times a day in some instances.

I recently went to an asthma/allergy center and the doctor was pretty appalled at my breathing tests. Said they were awful (he wasn't a dick about it, just straightforward) and he recommended a preventative inhaler. He put me on Symbicort, and for the first time in a couple years I feel like I can breathe normally. I rode 12 miles on my bike yesterday without needing to use my rescue inhaler beforehand, which hasn't happened in about 3 years.

However, I don't like being dependent on medicine. Has anyone else been on any sort of corticosteroid/LABA combination, such as advair or symbicort? Does anyone have any tips/tricks. My only side effects so far are a pretty insane increase in hunger (guessing that's the steroid) and what seems to be skin sensitivity. Oh and possibly the most important thing, I can actually pet my dog again.

Just wondering if there is anyone else here that's gone through their asthma coming back and needing indefinite treatment.

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re: Any other asthmatics here?
I have exercise induced asthma. Am 60 but always have had allergies since childhood. Only in the last year started a rescue inhaler before exercise. Advair is so expensive now. I used for a while but got off to see if I can do without.

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re: Any other asthmatics here?
Had asthma from 3- late teens. Had allergies and sinus probs for 38 yrs. Have been on allergy shots 2 diff times. Once from about age 5-14. And again age 28-33yrs old. While i dont actively have asthma right now (at38) i battle chest tightness from allergies daily. I need to get back on allergy shots (would suggest these, they help alot) but if yours is exercise induced i guess its differrnt. My astma was always allergic induced.

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re: Any other asthmatics here?
I have allergy induced asthma. Symbicort is a godsend. It's a steroid that is designed to keep inflammation in the lungs reduced so that you don't need your rescue inhaler.

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