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Cannot believe DOLE

They recently did an IPO, I assumed they were a part of some traded entity. This brand has been around for my whole life. I bought a few just to keep it on my radar but it would seem as though it could be a good place to park for a while

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re: Cannot believe DOLE
Not the first time it has had an IPO. Research David Murdock and Dole. He did some shady dealings when he bought them out in 2013.

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re: Cannot believe DOLE
he wanted the company for the island dole owned... was more of a real estate guy ....i believe the island was used for a few big name weddings...he could keep journalist out except for the fly overs and first x(?) feet of beach which is public ( at least to natives)

he also took a lot of historic stuff from islands to use around his house and pool. was caught but i do not recall him giving them back...

bought a bunch of chevron (?) surface land .....chevron kept the minerals... pistachio farms in california.

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re: Cannot believe DOLE
United Fruit pretty much ran the half the countries in the Western hemisphere at one time.

Theres a good book called Banana about it

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