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Anyone have a review of the Athlean-X programs?
Thinking about getting the arm one but they all look interesting. He gives out a ton of free info too so I'm wondering what you get in the programs offered that isn't part of the free material he offers on YouTube.

Anyone use his programs?

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re: Anyone have a review of the Athlean-X programs?
I've used one of the paid programs before and it's "ok." The free material he puts out is really good and usually covers what I'm looking for. I can't recall what all extra was included in the official program, but it wasn't awesome enough for me to remember.

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re: Anyone have a review of the Athlean-X programs?
I've done Max Shred, Max Size, and AX2

I've done Max Shred every year the last 4 years after New Years at the 5 Alarm Level. I think its a good fat loss program. However I think I am done doing it as this past year it was just too boring. It was fun the 1st and 2nd time around because it was new and exciting and you could push yourself but this past year having already done it 3 times it felt like going through the motions. I'll probably do something different next time I need to do some fat loss.

I really like the Max Size Program, I've done it twice. It's hard to gain any significant mass in a 3 month program but from a pure lifting standpoint I liked it. I will definitely be doing it again at some point.

I was not a fan of AX2 at all. I think it was a bit too gimmicky and switching things up each week made it hard to master the concepts you were doing.

One thing I agree with Jeff, as well as Greg Doucette about, is how cutting and bulking make no sense, and its better to just "maingain" so to speak. I think Max Size is a great program for maingaining.

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re: Anyone have a review of the Athlean-X programs?
Bought AX1 and max shred. Max shred is good for weight loss but like the poster said, it can be kind of repetitive. AX is pretty good though even though some of the workouts are kind of easy

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re: Anyone have a review of the Athlean-X programs?
I've done max size twice, the dragon, and I am almost done with Old School Iron. Overall I like the programs, he mixes in different exercises to keep it interesting and overall I've seen some decent muscle growth.

It seems like he separates each month into a different phase. For instance, old school iron month 1 is full body workout MWF, with a stretching and ab day on TTH. Month 2 is a push, pull, leg split. Month 3 is an antagonist muscle split chest/back, quads/hams, shoulders arms. The final month is a bro split: chest, back, quads, shoulders, hams/glutes, arms each get the own day. There are also challenges mixed in on the last week of the month for a little additional spice.

As far as his youtube content, his recent push, pull, leg split was almost an exact copy of the second month of Old School Iron. So, theoretically you could probably get everything you needed from the youtube channel, but it would take a long time to get through the videos.

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re: Anyone have a review of the Athlean-X programs?
I like them. But I’m as lazy as frick when it comes to designing my own programs. I have to design exercise programs basically for a living and I don’t just spending any extra time.

I have Ultimate Arms, Max Size, and Breakout. I don’t like the full UA program but it does have some great arm days that I’ll sub into other programs I’m running.

Max Size is nice.

Breakout probably my favorite. When I first ran it a few years ago, it got me to my peak fitness and strength, especially my deadlift. It’s a fantastic program when you’re stalling on lifts imo.

Yet to try anything else though I did end up with a pdf of the Bane program.

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re: Anyone have a review of the Athlean-X programs?
I bought one of the programs. I really liked it but there is alot of stuff that are tough to do at a crowded gym as it requires multiple pieces of equipment.

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