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I’m on day 4 of outbreak on neck/throat/face/ear. It’s the most miserable, painful thing I have ever experienced. Taking valacyclovir and tramadol. Doesn’t seem to be doing any good. Any recommendations or home remedies you’ve tried?

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What dose are you taking?
Should be taking 1000 mg every 8 hours and if you didn’t start within first 48 hours it’s won’t normally help with The post hepatic neuralgia

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Prayers for you, sir. I'm 37 years old, and have had shingles a total of 5 times now. Most of the times I've gotten them it was caused by stress. First couple times were from a weakened immune system from living an unhealthy lifestyle in my early 20s.

The last three times all happened in about a two month span. The stress from dealing with losing my home to a hurricane, having a one month old at the time, and dealing with what would eventually become a divorce from my wife all at once.

I know when they are coming now. Kinda like how I hear people describe when they know a fever blister is coming (I've never had a fever blister, so I don't know for sure if its the exact same feeling). First thing I do is go to my friend who is a NP, she gives me some type of steroid shot which really helps the severity of it. Then I take 1000mg of Valacyclovir twice a day until they stop producing fluid, and scab up.

My NP prescribed me the Valacyclovir with refills that way I can start taking it immediately when I feel them coming on.

Shingles are awful, and I feel for you.

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How are you feeling?

Did you receive any COVID shots prior to developing shingles?

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