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The Great Deluge/ 5 Days at Memorial
I'm fascinated with Katrina and picked both of these up at the Library today.

Curious of the boards' thought on either?

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re: The Great Deluge/ 5 Days at Memorial
Anna Pou and those nurses were charged to placate the LCD in this state

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re: The Great Deluge/ 5 Days at Memorial
Douglass Brinkley has some good history books, but 'The Great Deluge' was a way to make quick buck after Katrina. From the standpoint of research, it seems rushed and its kind of like he phoned it in. Mostly gleaned info from media sources instead of actual primary sources (what a historian is actually supposed to do). Also has some agenda issues. Makes Blanco into a martyr. No objective take on Katrina can make her blameless. Hard to find a decent Katrina book that isn't politically charged, though.
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re: The Great Deluge/ 5 Days at Memorial
If you like Katrina books, read Breach of Faith by Jed Horne.

True journalism without the Brinkley douchiness.

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re: The Great Deluge/ 5 Days at Memorial
both various degrees of hackish. Brinkley can be such a sycophant sometimes, but his is the less objectionable of the two. Fink's is pure, unadulterated sensationalism. You can tell she knew nothing about the subject going in but was determined to get famous by exposing Pou, who she had already determined was guilty based off of hearsay.
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