According to the St. Augustine Record, a woman spent $100,000 to spend a day with the Jets’ QB Tim Tebow at his second annual celebrity golf tournament and auction Saturday. Of course Tebow said...

“It was incredible. It’s humbling. You don’t feel worthy, but when people care about your cause and know that you’re trying to do something for other people it’s amazing to see what can happen.”
The woman who won the bid doesn’t want to be identified, but the spokesman for the Tim Tebow Foundation, Erik Dellenback, explained her reasoning...

“They live in a part of town that has a lot of people in need and a lot of people with a lot of wealth. She felt that bringing Timmy to her town down there would maybe change the town. She cleared it with Timmy and it sounds like she’s going to have a little event where she brings some of the kids who are in need and some of the kids who are deserving. We’d prefer not to say who they are, but they have a place in the Keys, which is where he’s going to go.”
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How is he going to change the town? Will he be performing circumcisions?
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