NFL wide receiver Michael Floyd was just cut by the Cardinals last week after being busted for DUI in Arizona. Video has now surfaced of the arrest where Floyd passed out behind the wheel of his SUV while in traffic...

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Notre Dame hat....hahahahahahaha!
Reply59 months
The really pathetic part of all of it is that the teams PAY for a car service for these morons so that they can go out and get fricked-up without having to worry about driving.
Reply59 months
Cops handled that well
Reply59 months
1:15 mark. "It was at that moment, Michael knew he F'd up."
Reply59 months
I wouldn't own a car. F that! Pay fricking Uber!
Reply59 months
damn.........I'd hate to be a cop. You dont know what kind of crap you are going to encounter on the other side of that glass (a drunk, someone who had a seizure or a stroke, a killer, damn........ I will never understand how people can piss away a career that pays them millions to play a game. Smfh.....get that dude some help before he kills an innocent victim
Reply59 months
No sh!!! A million dollars or a buzz for a few hours. Tough call
59 months
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