Raiders WR Antonio Brown Is Threatening To Retire If He Can't Wear His Old Helmet
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According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Friday, Oakland Raiders star WR Antonio Brown has told the Oakland Raiders he will not play football again unless he can wear his old helmet...

Brown had a two-hour conference call with an independent arbitrator on Friday, sources said, to argue why he should be allowed to wear his 10-year-old helmet. He is thought to have been using the same helmet his whole career.

The arbitrator for the grievance call was joined by league officials, player representatives and NFLPA representatives in Philadelphia, a source told ESPN. A decision could come as early as next week, sources said.

Brown wants to wear the helmet he prefers, not one of the newer-model helmets that league rules mandate, league sources said. Brown believes the new certified helmet protrudes out and interferes with his vision as he tries to catch the football.

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me me, me me me, me and more me
Reply5 days
So glad he took his drama to the Raiders. Good riddance.
Reply7 days
Reply7 days
He has a $30 million guaranteed money contact that he is threatening to walk out on. I think he must already have a head injury.
Reply7 days
I would cut him, and not pay him...
Reply8 days
If you cut him, you kinda have to pay him when the contract say the money is guaranteed. In any event, no one should feel sorry for the raiders. He showed signs of being a head case months ago.
7 days
frick it! Let him retire! So tired of this attention whore. Everything is about what he wants, shite up and get paid millions to play a game some would kill to do!
Reply8 days
Raiders screwed up. Nothing new.
Reply8 days
What a crybaby
Reply8 days
He is worth $30 million. He will be financially OK when they send him down the road. The NFL does not like their players questioning them and will have their meeting, then boot him.
Reply8 days
Have you seen how this idiot blows through money? He’ll be broke in 5 years.
8 days
Bye Felicia
Reply8 days
Get rid of this loser!!!
Reply8 days
Why would anyone sign this guy at that money considering he is a spoiled brat!
Reply8 days
Follow the rules, Fool! It’s for your own good!
Reply8 days
Drama Queen
Reply8 days
This is easy. NFL either needs to say either you’re wearing it if not you can retire, or you can sign this here waiver that says when you get brain damage at and dementia by 55 you can’t sue the NFL. Have to be careful what you wish for, players union wanted to sue NFL for dangerous plays, now it’s touch football and eventually will be gone.
Reply8 days
Reply8 days
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