Las Vegas Raiders DB Kemah Siverand Reportedly Arrested For Street Racing In Houston
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
According to reports, Las Vegas Raiders DB Kemah Siverand was one of three people arrested in Houston on Saturday for street racing. The 24-year-old was charged with felony evading arrest and was released on personal recognizance bond...

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Pretty easy thing to solve actually, like everything. Get caught doing it, min 10 years in fed prison with 0 parol or appeal offered. Kill someone doing it, get hung on public access tv. Problem solved, but pussy arse libs would vaginally bleed to death over the resolution.
Reply8 days
I know... everything is the libs fault. They are always the problem. Got it! Hick pubs do no wrong. Amirite?
8 days
Just had to bystanders killed in Cypress this week from an out of control street racer. One was a teenage boy.
Reply8 days
Another mental giant.
Reply9 days
OK, yeah... street racing is wrong (and dangerous). But I gotta ask, what kind of car did the player have and what kind of car was he racing? Tell me a story about a GTR vs. a 911 GT3. lol
Reply9 days
Acevedo is an embarrassment
Reply9 days
So the Houston Police Chief makes a long comment aboot it, admitting in his diatribe that he is not really aware of the facts, but is ranting anyway. This proves he posts here.
Reply9 days
He’s got a hell of a lot of info than you, homie
9 days
“Aboot it”. What are you, Canadian?
9 days
Was that wrong?
Reply9 days
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