The NFL wants HBO's "Hard Knocks" to continue on as much as we do. At the NFL Fall Meeting, the league passed a rule that allow's them to appoint a team to be on the popular show if no other team volunteers. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that all organizations will be eligible with the exception of those that have a first-year head coach; teams that have made the playoffs in at least one of the last two seasons; and teams that have participated in the previous 10 seasons.

Here are the eligible teams. Any of these teams can be selected to appear on the show if there are no volunteers...

Arizona Cardinals
Buffalo Bills
Chicago Bears
Jacksonville Jaguars
New York Giants
Oakland Raiders
Pittsburgh Steelers
St. Louis Rams

Any of these peak your interest?

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"Will appoint someone if nobody volunteers"... What is this? High School? The NFL admin is so retarded. Next you're going to tell me they want to get rid of extra points...
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Pique, not peak.
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