After losing their #1 receiver, Kenny Britt, a few weeks ago, the Tennessee Titans are looking at possibly signing a unemployed and almost healed WR Terrell Owens. Coach Mike Munchak said...

"That’s something that at some point when (Owens’) health is better and he can pass a physical -- people thought the midpoint of the season, maybe -- he might be a guy that may be able to work out to prove where he’s at," "So of course us, or whoever else, is going to take a look, just like we have with other free agents, to see what kind of shape he’s in.

"A lot is going to depend for us on how we are producing at that position three weeks or two weeks from now," "All those things will factor into it. But I’m sure whenever you’ve got a player that has his capabilities, everyone’s going to know exactly where he’s at. If he has a way of helping our team win, then for sure you’re going to take a look at him."

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Nice. It'll give Skip Bayless a reason to hate the Titans. The guy hates him some TO.
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