Jon Gruden’s Brother, Jay, Reacts To His Resignation And Controversy
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While appearing on WTEM on Tuesday, Jon Gurden;s brother, Jay Gruden, said he's committed to supporting his brother amid the controversy. He believes that Jon will be back...

“It’s not anything we could have ever anticipated happening,” Jay Gruden said, via “Unfortunately, what happened already happened. Jon’s already apologized… I’ll let him handle his business. I’m always there for his support. He’s always there for me at a time of crisis. He’ll bounce back in a big way. He always has. Always will.”

“We understand what’s at stake when we take the job,” he continued. “Things aren’t private when you think they are private. At end of the day, he loves the NFL… He’s done so many great things for so many people… He’s been an incredible influence as far as football is concerned. To bring him down, so to speak, is unfortunate. I think, like I said, it’s brutal. From a brother’s standpoint he’s been nothing but supportive of me. … We’re going to stay together and get through this.

“I think people in personal circles talk their own personal way from their own groups they think are private,” he said. “You may say some stuff to a good buddy of yours you’ve known for a long time that you wouldn’t say to anybody else in the world. On the golf course, I might say a few things I would never say to anyone else. Just the way it is. [Jon’s] a great person, great human and great football coach but I wouldn’t say it’s commonplace. It just happened the way it happened.”
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translation: we all frick up sometimes
Reply5 days
Wow!!! What IF all of their private Conversations and emails were hung out to dry? So stupid. You can beat your wife, kill someone or even hire prostitutes but you better not talk about the “Alphabet” people.!!!
Reply5 days
#FRG & #FNFL! Oh, I almost forgot, 'let's go, brandon...
Reply5 days
solid comment ByUselves: f Roger Goodell and the blmNFL. Let's Go Brandon. oh, and f all you woke folk.
5 days
The NFL probably doesn't want a Donald Sterling situation, where they have to remove an owner. No doubt there would be a bloodbath if all those emails were made public.
Reply5 days
We all know that the leak was intentional. This was just the first step toward taking the Tennessee job this offseason.
Reply5 days
What an open and honest response about human behavior.
Reply5 days
650,000 e-mails combed over and Gruden's are the only ones that leaked? That's a bigger scandal than whatever scandal they were investigating in the 1st place. It was clearly deliberate. No way there aren't equally or more problematic e-mails out of 650,000 from many others who thought their e-mail exchanges were private. Gruden was 100% accurate about one thing - Goodell is a ****.
Reply5 days
Sorry, I misspelled phaggot.
5 days
Proof this was a league office (Goodell) hit job because Gruden called him bad names - all of which were accurate.
5 days
That’s the best way a brother could handle that situation. I don’t wanna hear any lip from anyone on how he responded.
Reply5 days
He should have finished it off with..."I agree with him though that Goodell is a gaping vagina"
5 days
Cancel Jay!
Reply5 days
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