Remember this video of Philly fans destroying a convenient store after the Eagles won the Super Bowl in Sunday? Well, here's the full surveillance footage from the police department...


On February 5, 2018, at 12:30 am, a large group of unknown males and females were inside a Sunoco gas station located at 801 South Broad Street. While inside the suspects began taking items from the shelves then began throwing food items and soft drinks on the floor and walls causing a hole in the back wall of the business.
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Must have been running a special on Soul Food.
Reply10 days
The fat woman in the dreads and white coat "waddles" her arse in there to loot snacks. WTF is wrong with people?
Reply11 days
Reminds me of Baltimore
Reply11 days
1 shot to the chest of 1 looter early in the video would've made them all leave and caused a much smaller mess.
Reply11 days
Reply12 days
This is disgusting... Of the 200+ hooligans that came into the store, there were like 5 or 6 with the common decency to not partake. I want to shake the hands of the people who stood at the counter with the intent to purchase their items while everyone else was taking what they wanted. It is a freakin shame watching these people. And as if it were not enough to just get a few free snacks, they had to destroy the place... Houston just won a Championship and I heard nothing of the sorts taking place... So we know it can be done. You can win the title, celebrate, and not destroy the city you are celebrating.
Reply12 days
The reason this doesn’t happen in places like Singapore is because the majority of these thugs would have been caned at an earlier age. But, we don’t allow that in the USA because people have “rights”. What about the rights of the law abiding store owner who worked their arse off and sacrificed to enjoy the fruit of their labor? The mind set of these thugs is a direct reflection of the failed welfare state in our country.
Reply12 days
God damn thugs
Reply12 days
Destroy the community because they WON the game. WON the g... WON the... WON! I just don't understand people sometimes.
Reply12 days
They aren't people
12 days
Too bad you can't shoot people doing this type of shite. It would hardly ever occur. frick a thief/vandal.
Reply12 days
fricking animals. every last one of them. frick jail, they should be beaten senseless
Reply12 days
Looks like what would happen if primates were set loose in the store
Reply12 days
Seems convenient that store was there for them to destroy.
Reply12 days
Reply12 days
Here's hoping they're all charged
Reply12 days
Alabama fans but on steroids
Reply12 days
You sound jealous. Championships are normal around here. Just another day. Sucks to be you!
11 days
"Philly fans know how to party." So looting is now partying?
Reply12 days
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