Steelers linebacker James Harrison has issued a statement apologizing for remarks he said earlier this week. The whole statement is here, but here's a glimpse...

"I'll start by offering my apologies for some of the words that I said during the four days in May that 'Men's Journal' was invited to my house to discuss what the NFL has recently been portraying as their attempts at 'player safety' rules and regulations, and to cover my everyday workout routine,"..."I did make comments about my teammates when I was talking about the emotional Super Bowl loss, but the handful of words that were used and heavily publicized yesterday were pulled out of a long conversation and the context was lost,"..."Obviously, I would never say that it was all Ben's or Rashard's fault that we lost the Super Bowl. That would be ridiculous. "We all have discussed several things that went wrong in the Super Bowl since that day. What I do apologize for and take full responsibility for is for speaking in such a candid manner to someone outside the team."

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