Budweiser is sitting on the sideline for Super Bowl LV. Instead, they will be reallocating the $5.6 million that would’ve been spent on their ads towards raising “critical COVID-19 vaccine awareness.”...


For the first time in 37 years, Budweiser isn’t airing a commercial during the Super Bowl. Instead, we’re redirecting our advertising dollars to support COVID-19 vaccines awareness and education. Working with partners like the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative, we’re helping to safely bring people back together again soon.

Over the past year, we’ve seen America’s collective resilience. We’ve seen everyday people turn isolation into connection, and strength into hope. We made our new Super Bowl ad – “Bigger Picture” narrated by Rashida Jones – to champion those stories and honor the ordinary people of America doing extraordinary things.
Do you have a favorite Bud spot?

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Budweiser has gotten 100 times more media buzz by doing this than if they would have aired a couple commercials. They knew exactly what they were doing.
Reply29 days
The woke NFL has managed to scare advertisers from using them. Lol.
Reply30 days
That’s okay. I don’t drink Budweiser and I won’t be watching the Super Bowl.
Reply30 days
Covid vaccine awareness lol. St Judes would be a better donation.
Reply30 days
Which is an advertisement for “look how good we are”
Reply30 days
They know few will be watching he SB. They’d be better off releasing an ad via YouTube.
Reply30 days
Don't care, won't be watching.
Reply30 days
Swedish Bikini Team as nurses and maybe Tone Loc, Spuds, and Alex from Strohs throwing a hot tub party at a sorority house. That’s the kind of COVID awareness America needs.
Reply30 days
It's a shame...the commercials are more entertaining than the goofy game. There goes the ratings.
Reply30 days
"raising 'critical COVID-19 vaccine awareness.'" Not sure why they think the that two cannibals on Papua New Guinea who haven't yet heard of COVID would: (1) be watching the Super Bowl; or (2) care even slightly about a vaccine.
Reply30 days
Reply1 month
The reason is that it is European owned now, and they don't give a flying rat's arse aboot the Super bowl.
Reply1 month
Inbev has owned Budweiser since 2008...
30 days
Virtue signaling at its finest.
Reply1 month
Viewership is historically low in pro sports. If they were giving the ads away, the Chinese Beer Company (Budweiser) would advertise. People are already paying top dollar to drink their swill hoping to cope with the COVID hoax economy.
Reply1 month
The company is based in Belgium.
30 days
So, you know neither who owns Bud nor what beer costs? Cool comment, bro.
30 days
Stupid. Should donate a lot more to covid AND do the commercial. The commercials help morale which is just as, if not more, important as other stuff
Reply1 month
No. They are afraid they will offend someone with their add. Just like coke and the others who've dropped ads.
Reply1 month
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