Rex Ryan Punched Rob In College & Went To Jail For it
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The Buffalo News published a piece on Bills' new head coach Rex Ryan growing up over the weekend, which included his relationship with his twin brother Rob who, as most of you know, is the Saints defensive coordinator. One story that was shared includes a fight between the two where Rex landed a haymaker on Rob's face and went to jail because he wouldn't be his wingman for a girl he liked. This went down when they were students at Southwestern Oklahoma State...

Rob: “I was a solo rider and had a babe on the line. But she had a friend. I said, ‘You know, come on. Be a team player.’?”

Rex: “I said, ‘Dude, I’m staying at home today.’?”

Rob: “So after a few hundred beers I said, ‘You need to help out.’ He didn’t, so I was pissed and got in a wrestling match with him. I think he was a lot more sober than I was.”

Rex: “I was bigger and was just going to throw his arse down. But he reversed me and got on top. So we went at it. We ended up outside, and here he comes.”

Rob: “I ran after him, and he had a right hand waiting for me. I never saw it coming. Still haven’t seen it.”

Rex: “I got him good, and it was over. I felt terrible. I couldn’t believe I hit my brother like that.”

Rex was furious and, as keeper of the car key, drove off to clear his head. Tatters of a bloody shirt hung off him.

“I get pulled over by a cop. He sees me and doesn’t know what he’s got,” Rex said with a gleaming-white smile. “I said, ‘I just got in a fight with my brother. You can take me back there, and he’ll explain it.’

“They take me to jail and then called my brother. He said, ‘Nah, leave him in there.’?”

Rob’s ankle was broken during the wrestling portion of the match, and his nose broken during the boxing portion. When they arrived in New Orleans for Super Bowl week, Rob’s ankle was in a cast. “We both had black eyes,” Rob said. Buddy wasn’t amused.
You can read more about the Ryan brothers here.
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