UCF AD Danny White Says School Will Hang Championship Banner
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According to 96.9 The Game, UCF athletic director Danny White said that the school will be hanging a championship banner at Spectrum Stadium after beating Auburn in the Peach Bowl to go undefeated for the season...

While on "The Dan Le Batard Show," White also said the school plans to celebrate the 13-0 campaign with a parade as well...

“Hopefully in the coming days, a lot more people will become believers, as well. We’re going to continue to promote the fact that we feel like we’re deserving of a national championship.”

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As long as the banner reads, "Undefeated - Peach Bowl Champions," I don't have a problem. Saying you are the National Champs just because you beat the team that beat Bama and UGA is stupid logic. LSU beat the team that beat Clemson AND the team that beat Bama and UGA.
Reply15 days
Well in THAT case, I declare LSU and Coach O, NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!
15 days
Who did we beat that beat Clemson? Now, we beat AU who lost to Clemson and beat both UGA and the gumps. I think that still makes us 9-4 with a bowl loss to. ND.
15 days
It's normal to fabricate fantasy in Orlando, why not?
Reply15 days
Bama has done it...why not?
Reply15 days
That is the society we live in... everybody deserves a trophy
Reply15 days
no you cant just make the claim a NC. thats not how it works. UCF had a great season, should have been in the playoff perhaps, and can hang conference and peach bowl champion banners but NC?????? nah brah.
Reply15 days
Why not. Bama has done this for decades
Reply14 days
UCF claiming a national championship is the equivalent of Donald Trump claiming he won the Masters shooting a 0 (-288). Doesn't matter that he didn't actually play in the Masters -- according to UCF's logic.
Reply15 days
Go on with your bad self
Reply5 days
These guys make Ole Miss look like amateurs.
Reply15 days
Reply15 days
This is Auburns fault. They f@ck up everything!
Reply15 days
Come on everybody, back to the gay pile!
Reply15 days
Get Utah, TCU and Boise State on the horn. They have Natty's to hang too, from their undefeated seasons in the MWC and WAC.
Reply15 days
Taking the Bama path. Claim championships when they didn't earn it. Granted in this case, they didn't get a chance to earn it. Anyway I don't care. GEAUX TIGERS!!!
Reply15 days
Well they are the only undefeated team and beat the team that beat both of the teams in the NCG. Twisted logic, but what the hell.
Reply15 days
Seriously though, the days of claiming championships are over. There's a playoff system in place now. Polls are meaningless; moreso even than during the BCS era. This is like an NFC team with a 10-6 record that didn't make the playoffs claiming a World Championship because they have a better record than an AFC team that made the playoffs with an 8-8 record. It just doesn't work that way. While they're at it, why not just have a Sugar Bowl or Rose Bowl champions trophy made and throw that in the case? Why not a Super Bowl trophy, throw that in the case? How about each team member just proclaim themselves the President of Paraguay?
Reply15 days
Proclaiming yourself President of Paraguay is just silly.
7 days
I say go for it UCF. Bama claims 1941 and that is just as silly. This is merica, you can “claim” whatever you want. I “claim” that Katy Perry is my coitus companion.
Reply15 days
The People's Champion. Helluva melt but I don't blame them.
Reply15 days
As a Bama fan, I support them doing this move. They had a helluva year and if they wanna celebrate their schools most decorated season ever, more power to 'em. You can call yourselves champs but in the eyes of the CFB lore of all time, you will not be.
Reply15 days
Bama fan supports claiming national titles you didn't actually win. Checks out.
15 days
"As a Bama fan" "You can call yourselves champs but in the eyes of the CFB lore of all time, you will not be." That's rich
15 days
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