Tim Tebow Used 1 Word To Describe 2021 College Football Season
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In his recent interview with 247Sports, former Heisman Trophy. winner Tim Tebow used one word to describe this 2021 season...

“I think it’s the parity,”... “I think the last five, six years you’ve kind of had Alabama, Clemson, some years Ohio State. These top four or five teams where it’s like, OK, the Playoff is going to be one of those teams might not get in. I don’t think that’s the case this year. I think you’re looking at — instead of being five or six teams having a chance, you’re genuinely having a list of 12 to 14 teams that have a legit shot of getting into the playoff. And I pay zero attention to the AP poll and the rankings when they come out because half the time that’s just for hype and they’re big names, so they started here. But when I really watch the film on them, I see these teams have the opportunity to be able to make a push.”

“You look at Florida at No. 11 and you watch that game (vs. Alabama), they have a chance to get in. You have Ole Miss, and no one is giving them a shot. Can Oregon make a run at this thing? Can Penn State with two big wins, can they continue to improve? So I love that more teams have a shot to get into this thing. I think it’s better for college football, I love it, I stories like Arkansas, you know those guys can make a push. Can they upset A&M? I love all of that. So I think that parity is really good and exciting for college football.”
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UGA is best team so far
Reply24 days
I have one word for you, Larry.
Reply24 days
Ohio State won't lose again. SEC champ. Oregon 2nd SEC or Notre Dame. Swapped Acc for Pac, otherwise looks normal as usual.
Reply24 days
Tebow fails yet again.
Reply24 days
Yeah,makes probably 3 million a year in endorsements and another 300k from his SEC network job and is married to hot woman. What an epic failure!
24 days
Larry is counting challenged.
Reply24 days
we hear this same crap every year at the beginning. no, florida doesn't have a shot. no, there aren't 12 to 14 teams who have a shot.
Reply24 days
Florida is pretty good.
24 days
That was 256 words.
Reply24 days
He failed from the start. It should’ve been more than that, but in true Larry fashion, there were words missing that would’ve made it a little easier to read.
24 days
"parity" is one word
23 days
You’re killing your father Larry
Reply24 days
That's way more than 1 word
Reply24 days
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