Paul Finebaum Rips Dabo Swinney Calling Him The 'Most Annoying Winner In Sports'
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ESPN analyst Paul Finebaum ripped into Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney on Tuesday morning, call him the "most annoying winner in sports"...

Damn, Paul. Tell us how you really feel.

(The Spun)
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while I see Paul’s point, it’s hard to say “most annoying “ without mentionIng Jim Harbaugh.
Reply23 hours
Paul is the most annoying loser in sports.
Reply1 day
Pawl can’t be over 5’ tall
Reply2 days
Maybe but His ears sure make him be able to hear anything. He is a true Nick saban fan and the media loves Ohio State.
2 days
PAWL is right though
Reply2 days
Alphas don't respond to every little thing thats said about them. They just go out and do the job and let the cards fall where they may. Dabo responds constantly because he knows its true and sub consciously he feels the need to defend himself/his team. He's know different now than when Spurrier used to whip his arse on the field and mentally off of it. Remember his beta male "domination" rant in regards to SC and Spurrier. " The real USC is in So Cal and the real Carolina is in North Carolina". Recall Spurriers response, " I learned Dabo sure does like that Southern Cal and he thinks alot of North Carolina" and grin. That my friends is as good of an example as I can give you.
Reply2 days
Dabo's "Aww gee, shucks, little ole us" routine has grown old. Clemson is a big boy now.
Reply2 days
That is funny consider Paul is the most annoying and ignorant personality on TV and radio.
Reply2 days
Dabo is short for Daboner.
Reply2 days
I'm so confused what Dabo was bitching about. Who are these people trying to keep Clemson out of the playoffs? Some team has to be #3. If he or any Clemson fan thinks they are deserving of #2, they are simply blinded by their allegiance.
Reply2 days
Dabo is an idiot, it's probably a good thing you are confused by him.
2 days
How is Pawl going to deal with Dabo as the next Bama coach? He will be uber conflicted, IMHO.
Reply2 days
Somebody is butt hurt that Bama is out this year and seething about the beat down last year.
Reply2 days
Paul is sill upset @ Clemson for hanging that 28 point "Arse Whipping" on his team, the Alabama Elephants, during the 2019 CFP National Championship game. He's just using his position to voice his displeasure. But Dabo is a little off base for sure.
Reply2 days
Not a fan of Finebaum but I agree with him here. Dabo always finds something to complain about.
Reply2 days
I agree too.
2 days
They are both annoying.
1 day
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